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Assisting the Body and Mind to Heal

Wendy Scurr, at Transform Your Life, has a passion for facilitating and guiding clients in releasing stored stress and trauma within a safe and supportive space.


Wendy has over twenty years’ experience in primary education.  After personally experiencing the life-changing benefits of Tension Release Exercise (TRE), Wendy’s position as deputy head enabled her to provide professional support to children, parents and her fellow educators in the aftermath of a traumatic school vehicle accident.  Wendy at Transform Your Life put her skills and formal training as a TRE practitioner to great use, employing TRE to release their trauma.  Witnessing how TRE addressed both the children’s present and past traumas was pivotal in her decision to go into full-time practice.


It soon became clear to Wendy how Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) complements TRE. QEC a modality based in neuroscience, was devised by experienced General Physician, Dr Melanie Salmon.  QEC encompasses the best facets of the many available modalities and its purpose it is to create new positive thought processing in the subconscious.

“TRE makes me feel more calm and happy. I love doing TRE.” Jordan, aged 8


Tension Release Exercise (TRE) is a safe and wonderful way of experiencing how the body is designed to naturally release accumulated and current stress. Designed by Dr David Berceli, TRE gently evokes the body’s built-in de-stressing mechanism.


Quantum Energy Coaching is a fast and effective approach that replaces negative thoughts with positive ones. As this process happens, stress and trauma is gently released from body and clients begin to experience feelings of wellbeing.


Wendy Scurr

Health & Wellness Practitioner

Email: info@wendyscurr.com