Assisting the Body and Mind to Heal

Wendy Scurr, certified TRE and QEC Practitioner and Fascia Release Therapist

Wendy Scurr has had many years of experience working in the area of learner support in the school environment. After realizing that there are many other more effective ways of assisting stressed children and adults she now practices full time in this exciting field.

As a certified TRE and QEC Practitioner and Fascia Release Therapist, she is able to devise the appropriate treatment plan that works best for each unique individual.

Because of the effectiveness of these modalities, clients often experience immediate relief and notice instantaneous benefits of the therapy. Children, being young, heal remarkably quickly, and astounding results have been noticed especially with regard to their performance in school.

Her sincere passion for making a difference in the lives of those with whom she interacts is the key to her success in this field.