Fascia Release Therapy

Fascia is the wonderful, interconnected web of connective tissue that runs through and around the entire body covering us from head to toe. It surrounds bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and organs so that every part of the body is incased in it. We are protected by fascia, connected by fascia and kept in taut human shape by fascia.

Fascia wraps around each of the individual internal body parts, keeping them separate and allowing them to slide easily with your movements. Because it is stronger than muscle it prevents muscles from being over-stretched and acts as an anatomical emergency break. Fascia provides an internal structure that keeps each of our internal organs in place. Being our richest sense organ, fascia can contract and feel and impact the way we move.

Chronic Stress causes the fascia fibers to thicken as they attempt to protect the underlying muscle. Poor posture, lack of flexibility exercise and repetitive movements cause the fascia to become locked into restricting patterns. A lack of exercise causes the flexible fibers to become hard. Fascia therefore plays a major role in every movement and every injury that we might have had.

When we release fascia that has become blocked the body is able to move and operate as it was designed and we enjoy a renewed sense of becoming whole again.