Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC)

QUANTUM ENERGY COACHING (QEC) was recently developed by Dr Melanie Salmon. It is a simple, fast and effective tool that changes limiting thoughts and beliefs at the subconscious level and releases stress and trauma from the body. It is based in Neuroscience and is potentially life-changing.

QEC is based on the Gestalt principle of Holism. QEC believes that we have an innate ability to heal ourselves, but through our limiting beliefs we create blockages, mentally and physically which interfere with healing. If we remove these blockages the body heals itself.

We work with the mind by changing thought patterns. Changing our “mind-set” creates profound chemical and biological shifts in the body which lead to healing. Through a process of respectful enquiry we assist the client in adopting a new set of beliefs. The aim of QEC is to be “free” - mentally and physically, in order to live our lives to the full.