Tension / Trauma Releasing Exercises

Stress is part of everyday life in the 21st century. Up to now, no long-term successful way has been found to manage it. It was only as a result of the ground-breaking work of Dr David Berceli Ph.D. who, while studying animals in the wild, realised that we have inhibited the one safety valve we need to discharge stress after it happens this is the tremoring mechanism.

Berceli devised a simple-to-learn exercise routine designed to invoke these organic tremors in the flexor muscles. These are the muscles associated with curling up when we become stressed. By tremoring, we are able to release stress, trauma and the toxic build-up of stored chemicals which make us eventually ill. The stored stress is safely released over several sessions by doing the short exercise routine. This restores the body to its natural state of balance and deep relaxation.

For most people the healing process is relatively quick and benefits are often noticed immediately.