“TRE has helped me set boundaries and increase my level of self-awareness and self-confidence, but I was aware that I still had so many areas that needed support. When I started TRE I felt like I had grabbed the one end of an entangled mess. Now with the help of QEC I feel like I have unravelled many more and also freed them! It is a liberating feeling!”

Sharon, a school teacher

“The practice of Trauma Release Exercise (TRE), a simple to master and easy sequence of exercises that encourage the body to tremble and thus release stress, leaves me feeling notably calmer and more centred. It makes me more aware of my body and conscious of my muscles tensing up in stressful situations giving me opportunity to consciously relax them”.

Kevin, minister of religion

“TRE and QEC have helped me so much. I have never felt this relaxed at the end of a school term before. It’s normally very stressful but I’m smiling and HAPPY to be at school. Wendy is very dedicated to helping people to become stress-free so and teaches them how they CAN deal with life’s daily stresses in a positive way. I would really recommend going for a Fascia Therapy treatment too as it’s very calming and relaxing. After just one session you feel ready to face life – after a few sessions – who knows, conquer the world…!”

Sam, a CALM HAPPY teacher

“After having been involved in an awful car accident, I found that doing the TRE programme with Wendy Scurr was truly helpful. After the first session I was feeling far less tense, but following the second session I was able to put the incident out of my mind and totally relax. I completely endorse the beneficial effects of TRE following a stressful situation.”

Mel Cairncross

“TRE has changed my life in so many ways - from being the saddest person to being so happy my smile reaches my eyes!! I wish I could knock on the doors of everyone in the whole world and tell them to come and do TRE with Mrs Scurr.”

Lisa, 11 yrs

“TRE has seriously changed my life. It has helped me far more than the time I spent with psychiatrists. I am much happier now and can really say that I am AWESOME!!! Thank you, TRE.”

Ray, 11 yrs

“TRE has made me feel much more happier. And it has made me a better person. Me and my mommy and my sister are much more closer now. TRE taught me to care for the people who care for me. One day I am going to become a child psychologist.”

Aneka, 12 yrs

“TRE completely changed my life. It made me want to come to school and helped me to focus more in class. I am much more calm and really enjoy my life.”

Joshua, 14 yrs

“Since doing TRE when I play with my friends the rage doesn’t come out anymore.”

Lance, 14 yrs

“TRE makes me feel more calm and happy. I love doing TRE.”

Jordan, 8 yrs