Wendy has been an amazing and kind person to work with through some deep issues of mine using QEC.

She is a very aware and sensitive person, holding space for me in such a lovely way, that I felt cared about, understood and encouraged, and that’s online !

I found her to be so good at the construction of accurate and full belief statements to cover “all bases” which then could be installed.

Sessions with her left me astounded at how complete and spacious I felt as a result, followed up with any aspects needing attention to be tuned into by her, brilliantly and intelligently then dealt with the next week.

I have come back for several sets of sessions now and will do so again in the future as Wendy and QEC really works for trauma and PTSD.

Thank you so so much Wendy !  Your help and expertise are invaluable.   My life has most definitely been changed for the better !    Much love……