Thoughtful Moments


Our Clients Experiences

Lindsay, Scotland

Working with Wendy has been revolutionary for me. The techniques of QEC are very powerful in the way that it so simply, but effectively, accesses the subconscious mind and real change comes from there! 

My life has somehow changed in ways I have been longing for during many years of therapy since starting QEC with Wendy. And I don’t think that can be a coincidence. There is so much deep change for the better that, both personally within myself and externally within my relationships with others. I am so relieved to be finally experiencing this especially when dealing with something as heavy as CPTSD.

Wendy as a therapist is such a wonderfully containing and accepting presence. Someone I truly resonate and feel safe with, which is rare! A true helper in this world. I am forever grateful for the work we have done and will continue to do!

Terence, Hong Kong

Happy Birthday, Wendy!  I hope you have a fantastic day – you most definitely deserve it.  I cannot begin to thank you for your beautiful soul and for sharing your light with me.  May you have a joyful day.  With lots of love from across the Indian Ocean.  

Sarah, UK

Wendy has been an amazing and kind person to work with through some deep issues of mine using QEC.

She is a very aware and sensitive person, holding space for me in such a lovely way, that I felt cared about, understood and encouraged, and that’s online !

I found her to be so good at the construction of accurate and full belief statements to cover “all bases” which then could be installed.

Sessions with her left me astounded at how complete and spacious I felt as a result, followed up with any aspects needing attention to be tuned into by her, brilliantly and intelligently then dealt with the next week.

I have come back for several sets of sessions now and will do so again in the future as Wendy and QEC really works for trauma and PTSD.

Thank you so so much Wendy !  Your help and expertise are invaluable.   My life has most definitely been changed for the better !    Much love……

Harvey, UK

Hi Wendy,

Just wanted to say thank you for your help; I’ve managed to succeed with a lot of the things I wanted to achieve – still have few things to work on but I’ve managed to get to a better place a lot quicker than I expected to.

Tess, South Africa

In 2020, the COVID lockdown started and I went from being a happy and outgoing individual to someone who struggled to make it through the week. While I initially came to Wendy for help with the ‘lockdown blues’, we unpacked so much more than that. I learnt to enjoy my own company, focus on myself, and to be able to express my feelings and emotions in a more healthy way. And these changes didn’t go unnoticed, as my friends and family commented that I am now a lot ‘lighter’ and more at ease. I am no longer a “human-doing” but a “human being.” I am very grateful for the changes and growth that Wendy was able to guide me through. Thank you Wendy! 

Yasmine, South Africa

Wendy has been a source of light and strength in my life for the past 3 years. Our work within TRE and QEC has been pivotal, supportive and empowering especially as a dance artist. I am deeply grateful for Wendy’s guidance and the tools that have been shared with me along my journey. 

Lisa, Norway

I contacted Wendy on a recommendation from a friend. It’s hard to put into words how profound the change was in how I felt after my treatments, and how relatively fast the treatments took effect. I’ve had lasting effect of QEC & TRE. I immediately felt very safe in Wendy’s care. She’s so calm and reassuring and it’s very easy to build trust with her. In fact I benefited so much from Wendy’s treatments I asked her to see my husband and my teenagers, and we all have had the same experience. I happily recommend her to anyone, whether it’s big or small concerns. We had our lessons online as we live in a totally different part of the world, but that worked great. Very grateful for having Wendy in our lives.